There are many safety hazards inherent in the way containers or enclosed trailers are loaded with product. These safety hazards impact not only the employees directly involved in loading operations but the containers and enclosed trailers as well as the equipment used in the operation. It is estimated that there are over 68,400 accidents per year involving forklifts and of these 4,700 involve the forklift falling off the loading dock as a result of early departure of the trailer, or trailer creep.

Warehouse Operations

Yard Operations

The revolutionary safety advantage of any of CSL's equipment is that no forklift need ever enter a container or enclosed trailer. Additionally the equipment incorporates numerous features designed to protect the operator and the machine. Emergency stop buttons are located on the belly pack (RCU) as well as 4 mounted control panels with E-Stop buttons on the machine. The equipment also uses built in pressure sensors in the hydraulic systems and voltage spike detectors in the electrical system to shut the machine down if abnormalities occur during the loading process.


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