With the explosive growth of worldwide containerized exports of softwood and hardwood logs, the need for a piece of equipment to safely and cost effectively load logs into shipping containers has become critical.

Present practice involves using either knuckle boom loaders or specially adapted forklifts to load logs one at a time into the container. Since the equipment being used is not specifically designed for the job, maintenance costs are high and collateral damage to containers is a significant factor. Also, about 15% of loaded containers have to be returned to have weight adjusted.

CSL’s K-Loader is the first machine carefully designed to address all of the technical issues associated with loading logs into containers. The K-Loader’s design is suitable for the loading of any other long products such as petrochemical industry steel pipe, utility poles or steel/ aluminum mill “long product”, etc.

K-Loader Features:

Typical K-Loader Yard Specifications

The V-740 Unit allows the operator to monitor and adjust, the scale weight as well as the balance of the load before transfer into the container. Once the operator is satisfied with the load’s weight and balance he can print the scale weight ticket and load the product into the container. (The data can also be sent to a PC for download into an Excel program format).

View a Video of the K-Loader Prototype Loading Logs

Prototype loading logs at the Tacoma Port in 2008