Though the shipping industry was revolutionized in 1956, with the introduction of the shipping container, the way containers are loaded has not changed. The loading of containers and enclosed trailers remains labor intensive, time consuming and is complicated by having to use general purpose equipment that is neither safe nor efficient in this environment.

The C-Loader (Yard) has been developed to meet the requirements of customers who need to load up to 6-8 containers per hour outside. It has been carefully designed to offer a standardized solution to the challenge of loading the full spectrum of freight/cargo into containers and enclosed trailers. Using current technology the average length of time taken to complete a load is 40 minutes. With the C-Loader's design, no forklift truck need ever enter the container or enclosed trailer. This single factor eliminates the many hazards of loading containers with forklifts such as:

C-Loader (Yard) Features:

Please ask us about our unloading capability.

C-Loader Yard Specifications

The V-740 Unit allows the operator to monitor and adjust, the scale weight as well as the balance of the load before transfer into the container. Once the operator is satisfied with the load’s weight and balance he can print the scale weight ticket and load the product into the container. (The data can also be sent to a PC for download into an Excel program format).

View a Video of the C-Loader in Action