Container Stuffers LLC (CSL) was established in the State of Washington in March 2008 to manufacture and market the company’s revolutionary container loading technology. We are a woman owned business and are headquartered are in Auburn WA, just south of Seattle.

CSL’s designers have over 75 years combined experience in serving the needs of the Forest Products industry in the Pacific Northwest, through a sister millwright and construction company, CWC, Inc. Among their larger customers were Weyerhaeuser Lumber company, Hampton Lumber and Simpson Timber Company. Over many years they have installed, serviced and maintained the full range of machinery and equipment to be found in any typical modern sawmill.

An idea is born...

In 2006, CWC was called out to help repair equipment that had failed at a company that was exporting logs into containers. This allowed them to watch as a knuckle boom loader was used to load logs into a 40’ container - currently the most common method in the Pacific Northwest. The average time taken to load a 40’ container was not less than 20 minutes. Because the knuckle boom loader was not specifically designed for this application, it is subject to heavier than usual wear caused by the stresses of manipulating single logs into the container. One in ten containers suffer collateral damage caused by using equipment not specifically designed for this application and the sheer brute force inherent with wrestling massive logs into the containers. Finally, approximately 15% of all loaded containers have to return to the loading facility for adjustment because the load is either too heavy, too light or out of balance.“There’s got to be a better, smarter way to load those containers.” CSL’s design team thought and so began to design a solution; two years and several million dollars in R&D, a prototype started operation on the Tacoma tide flats successfully loading logs into containers for export. A key element in the success of the company’s equipment is their invaluable experience in working in sawmills. This taught our designers that the equipment had to be rugged, capable of operating in harsh environments, require minimal routine maintenance with lower operating costs.

The C-Loader.

CSL’s design team recognized that the problems associated with loading standard palatalize product into containers and enclosed trailers are equally challenging and that there had been no technological innovation in this area either. Building on what they had learned, they designed a machine to load and unload palatalize or skidded product into containers or enclosed trailers in less than 4 minutes. It’s rugged design for operation in harsh environments, minimal maintenance and operating costs are all important considerations for busy trans-loader yards, lumber loading yards or container stuffing operations. This design was named the C-Loader.